Logos for Print and Digital Use

Our Antioch University logos represent the identity of our university system in all forms of communication. Please adhere to guidelines outlined in the Brand Manual, as well as the rules & regulations listed below.

All Antioch University logos represent the authority of the university and are to be used on materials administered by offices and divisions of the university only. Personal use of the logos is prohibited.

Antioch University offers a wide range of logos in different colors and formats depending on what the desired use is. Please see description below to select the appropriate version. If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing Department.

Horizontal or Stacked

The stacked logo is the traditional version, and the horizontal is offered to fit certain layouts and formats better. Either are acceptable for use.


Use digital for on-screen purposes such as web, email, online ads, and other digital formats.


Use the print version when printing. An .eps file is a vector format and with the right software, you can adjust these logos to any desired size without losing quality.

University Seal

Use only permitted to Chancellors & Provost, diplomas, formal invitations, and ceremonial documents or at the marketing department’s approval.

AU Plus Logo

Antioch University Departments, Offices, Centers, Projects and Institutes can request an AU Plus Logo. Please contact marketing to request. Do not add names or create logos for your department, office, center or institute. Please request Plus logos.

Logo “Please Dont’s”

  • Minimum Size: Logos cannot appear smaller than 1″ wide

  • Clear Space: Uphold logo integrity by allowing at least an “A” height surrounding the mark.

  • Do not stretch or distort logo

  • Do not alter the logo in any way, including the color or orientation between the logo elements. Color options include AU Green, Black and White.